Delight Stay Bungalows on Rent in Lonavala

Spend your time in nature's vicinity.

Lonavala- The beautiful and adventurous hill station marked in the western region of India. It is surrounded by green valleys with ancient pillars connecting the tourists with Indian history & Indian heritage out there. This beauty ranks in the top-most visited places for travel and tourism from the western part of India. Lonavala is located between the prestigious city of Maharashtra is Mumbai and Pune. The moderate temperature and environment make the city cool and very pleasant to live or to stay in. And vacation starts from the places to stay in comfort. There are several options standing out in the city to make your adventurous trip the luxurious one. In comparison to the already landed hotels, villas, bungalows Delight Stay is a great choice considering the tourist’s desire in the prior ranking.

Delight stay is a vacation rental home agency, which focuses on accommodation for tourists visiting Lonavala. So, if you are looking for some private & comfortable space where you can enjoy some quality time with dear & near ones then delight stay is the best option for you. We make sure you get the best out of your budget. You can have the best bungalows on rent in Lonavala.


Keep close to Nature’s heart. Spend your day in nature’s vicinity. Relax your mind & body. Let your subconscious mind feel the booze of nature. Well spend a day in nature gives you vibes full of energy.


Explore the location in & around Lonavala. Best suitable for one-day return trips. What kind of place do you want to visit? We have a wide variety like adventure, spiritual, historic and entertainment.


Live for today… Plan for tomorrow… Party tonight!  Spend your day with your beloved ones by celebrating some special moments. Or enjoy a pool party with your friends. Cherish the memories.

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Hill Station


Amusement Park



Book a bungalow with us & enjoy the day as you wish, whether it is trekking, site seeing or water sports. Even Lonavala has multiple entertainment options for you where you can explore the real thrill. Or you can relax or can have a hard party at our place.